A life of abundance grandeur and composure beckons the free thinking urbane soul at the Rmz Devanahalli. Conceptualized and designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Hafeez Contractor, Rmz Devanahalli is an oasis of tranquility in the midst of a bustling city. The landscaping, the Clubhouse and the interiors all exude the unique and distinctive touch of the Miaja Design Group, Singapore.


Rmz Devanahalli rests just 300m off Airport Road at Bangalore. RMZ Homes has launched yet another project in Bangalore. Rmz Devanahalli is located in Bangalore. Rmz Devanahalli is a huge Architectural from to create the next level of work recreation District in a Bustling capital like banglaore. 52 Acre land area with 7.5 Million Sq-ft Development of Spectacular a Aesthetics.


Rmz Devanahalli Bangalore Of:-

An aesthetic and sustainable work super-space.
Open landscaped public space.
Sprawling health activity facilities and space.
Committed luxury lifestyle experience space with, dining, and enjoyment.
Public cultural space like Amphitheater and Art gallery.
Rmz Devanahalli is a LEED Gold certified project, designed for a natural and optimal energy footprint with amply landscaped central sculpt and extensive water features. The project has sophisticated emergency management system along with property Executive, support services and facility management addition like BMS system where all critical operations of the building are managed through a dedicated central hub within the project space Rmz Devanahalli Bangalore.


The building envelope subsist of cladding systems using interlink joints – pressure equalized with two seals; and internal drainage cavities. The facade treatment incorporates high achievement curtain wall systems with features such as Sun Shading Device, fruited and Clear Vision Glazing Panels and Energy Efficient All-Glass Devices that allow natural lighting in office spaces, with reduced heat gain.